January 20, 2018, Emerging Artists, A Student Reading, took place at the Oxnard Public Library, Main Branch, featuring, seven students from: El Camino High School, Fillmore High School, Oxnard College, Oxnard High School, and Ventura College. The event was supported by the Oxnard Friends of the Library Foundation, California Poets in the Schools, the Ventura County Arts Council, and Spit Shine. The event was hosted by Fernando Albert Salinas. All proceeds will be donated to the Ventura County Youth Poet Laureate program.

August 17, 2018, Scuffed Diamonds, a curated poetry reading took place at Diamond Realty, located at 460 Santa Clara St. Fillmore, Ca. The reading featured 13 poets from across Ventura County. The event was supported by Diamond Realty, the Ventura County Arts Council, Spit Shine, California Poets in the Schools, Doris Nichols, Vallarta Mexican Restaurant, Starbucks, Fidelity National Title, Stewart Title, First American Title, Lawyers Title, and Nickelodeon.

Programa Descubrir The motto or mantra of Programa Descubrir is: “To discover or rediscover the joys of LEARNING”. Programa Descubrir is designed to work with student who have faltered in their educational journey. The intent is to bring those students back to a place where they rekindle their joy of learning and desire to do well in school. Using advisement, counseling, academic strategies and other activities, the desired outcome is to reengage students in the educational process. In reconnecting students can begin to plan for life after high school; to understand their options; to understand their potential; and know that they are connected to valuable resources they can draw from.

Out of 35 entries, 16 poets were selected to compete in the 3rd Annual Oxnard High School Poetry Slam. The theme was Through Me, You Will See. On May 30, 2019, the 16 contestants performed without props, costumes, or music in the Oxnard High School Performing Arts Center with an audience of over 500 students and staff.

Featuring work by Alex Allen, Karen Linder, Brian Landis, Naomi Shihab Nye, Paul Haller, Ivan BrownOtter, Hilda Raz, Elizabeth Schott, Kelli Grinich,Adele Maze, Alexis Gomez Rosa, Suzanne Jill Levine, Phyllis M Skoy, Kym Sites, Lisa Malul, Tom Harrington, George Burns, Letizia Coppola, Marguerite Costigan, Friday Gretchen, Olav H. Hauge, Robert Hedin, Kobus Moolman, Marnie L. Parker, Corn Goddess, Dotty LeMieux, Enrique Sacerio-Gari, Jeanie Greensfelder, Kathryn Ridall, Fernando Albert Salinas, Lin Rolens, Tricia Knoll, Wendy Burton, Jared Smith, Victoria Sepulveda, John Amen, Tomás González, Glenna Luschei, Ted Kooser, Leila Said Gutowski, Mark Sanders, Michaelann Dimitrijevich, George Kalamaras, and Mary Winegarden.

FEATURING WORK BY Jean Colonomos, Florence Weinberger, Jennifer Kelley, Carol Ciliberti Smith, Christian Spangenberg, Nancy-Jean Pément, Raïna Manuel-Paris, Laura Reece Hogan, Brian Kirven, Susan Florence, Enid Osborn, Elizabeth Kuelbs, Gabrielle LeMay, Fernando Albert Salinas, Ariel Fintushel, Anita S. Pulier, Kathi Stafford, Daniel Thomas, Phil Taggart, Danielle Pineda Brown, Amy Tomhave, Tim Tipton, Kathie Gibboney, Gregory Franklin Huyette, Reynold Akison, John Robertson, Judy Oberlander, Amada Irma Pérez, Doug Knott, Jennifer A. Leonardo, Erin Graffy, Friday Gretchen, Zayan Reza, Ellen Reich, Sara Volle, Paula C. Lowe, Bob Chianese, Sandra Knapp, Gudrun Bortman, Katie Goodridge Ingram, Eliot Jacobson, Mark Fargo, Natalie D-Napoleon, Kimbrough Ernest, Marcy Wingard, David Starkey, Adele Menichella, Ricardo Means Ybarra, Riley Jaret, Diogo Avancini Fernandez, Maía, Vincent Mowrey, Suzanne Frost, Claudia M. Reder, Mary Kay Rummel, Ed Coletti, Anna Walsh Palencia, Bonnie Goldenberg, Ann Buxie, Richard Jarrette, Paul Willis, Elaine Alarcon, Laura Muñoz-Larbig, Peg Quinn, Becky Sanvictores, Charles Spink, Conor Adam Logan, Cie Gumucio, Ellen Cohen, Jedediah Smith, Gwendolyn Alley, and Marsha de la O