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Fri, April 8, 2022

Storefront Poetry Reading

Based in McAllen, TX, FlowerSong Press nurtures essential verse from, about, and through the borderlands with voices of those from Latin America, the U.S.A. and all over the world. We are Literary, Lyrical, Boundless, and we welcome allies that understand and join in the voice of people of color and our struggle, truth, and hope. 

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Fernando Albert Salinas

November 8, 2019

2nd consecutive year, a student in Oxnard  named Ventura County’s youth poet laureate

The Ventura County Youth Poet Laureate Committee is composed of Brickey, Salinas, Monique Gonzales, Friday Gretchen, Gabriel Valdez, Jaclyn Walker, and Kaiden Cole Wilde. All funding is generated through contributions and county sponsors.  

Fernando Albert Salinas


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September 24, 2018

Meet Ventura County's first youth poet laureate

Fernando Salinas, literary arts programs coordinator for the Ventura County Arts Council, congratulates Unique Shehee on becoming the first Ventura County youth poet laureate.

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Vc Star

Fernando Albert Salinas

Jan 9, 2019


Yet another element involves the written word. “We have ekphrastic poetry,” Farrand explains; ekphrastic meaning “art inspired by art.” CMATO asked poet Nancy-Jean Pément to help curate poetry written by local poets in response to Sloan’s work. In addition to Pément, the poets include Steve Braff, Jennifer Kelley, Marsha de la O, Friday Gretchen and Fernando Albert Salinas. Their work can be seen in the museum as well as in the exhibit’s catalog. 

Fernando Albert Salinas


Vc Reporter

Fernando Albert Salinas

© 2019

Art without limits

He focuses on the presence and appreciation of poetry and the literary arts, raising awareness of the power of literature, poetry, and the spoken word, and support forums for collaboration of art forms in Ventura County... About his mentorship with Dan La Bellarte he said “Who is mentoring whom?”

Fernando Albert Salinas


Art Without Limits

Fernando Albert Salinas


California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks

His written poetry has appeared in several publications, including Askew Poetry Journal, Solo Poetry Journal, Miramar, and Lummox Press. He has performed his spoken word internationally. This year, he has been nominated for the City of Ventura’s Mayor’s Arts Award and California Poet Laureate.

Fernando Albert Salinas



Fernando Albert Salinas

August 2, 2019


Establishing a Youth Poet Laureate in Your County : Fernando Albert Salinas - CalPoets' Area Coordinator for Ventura County. This workshop will offer a step-by-step guide to begin a Youth Poet Laureate program in your county and how to align with the Youth Poet Laureate nationwide movement.

Fernando Albert Salinas

California Poets in the Schools


Fernando Albert Salinas

December 16,2018

Fodder by Fernando Albert Salinas

The details in this one by Fernando Albert Salinas grip me, and the truth of it humbles me. I’m not sure that any introduction will do this piece justice.

Fernando Albert Salinas

Solo Press


Fernando Albert Salinas

September 16, 2017

Ask Dr. Bunny. Bringing Arts to the Marketplace

The classes will focus on various visual arts, music, and poetry. Each class has been developed by acclaimed local artists like MB Hanrahan, Yenelli Law, Juan Mendoza and Fernando Albert Salinas. They will include both traditional and contemporary art methods, including art project ideas for ofrendas.

Fernando Albert Salinas

Mercury Broadcasting


Fernando Albert Salinas

October 1, 2006

Poetry Super Highway

F Albert Salinas’ poetry and fiction has appeared on The CyberMuse, Rogue Scholar, Confused Muse, and in the Student Voices Anthology for Santa Barbara He has read his poetry and fiction in nine states including the Hidden Treasure Reading Series in the Bronx in New York City, The Gathering of the Minds in San Francisco and The Poetry Read at Moorpark College in California Sighs of the Seraphim,

Fernando Albert Salinas

Poetry Super Highway

Fernando Albert Salinas

January 24, 2019

Ventura County Celebrates First Youth Poet Laureate

Fernando Albert Salinas, California Poets in the Schools' Ventura County Area Coordinator, is a founding member of the committee that established the Ventura County Poet Laureate program. This opportunity is designed to honor young writers and leaders committed to making a civic impact through community engagement utilizing the power of their written and spoken words. "I noticed that youth were not present at poetry readings and I prompted the county to start this program," Fernando said. “We need to allow youth to be heard. When we honor them and give them this kind of office, the community is more likely to listen. Quite often as we get older … we get caught up with our lives so much we forget what’s happening in youths’ lives, and when they do speak up it’s like, how did I miss that?”

Fernando Albert Salinas

California Poets in the Schools


Fernando Albert Salinas

October 18, 2018

Local Gathering of California’s Poets Laureate

The McGroarty Arts Center event was sponsored by the Engaging the Senses Foundation, which seeks to illuminate the intersection of art and mindfulness; the California Arts Council, which advances California through the arts and the intersection of creativity; and the Los Angeles Dept. of Cultural Affairs, which champions the arts, culture and creativity of LA. 

Fernando Albert Salinas

Crescenta Valley Weekly



APRIL 25, 2014

Fernando Salinas inspires “The Read”

Students were anything but bored thanks to guest reader Fernando Salinas. Salinas is a poet who uses imagery and acting to express his poetry. Unlike other poets, Salinas takes advantage of his entertainment diploma to emphasize meaning and emotion in his writing.

“I write to evoke emotion through intense imagery,” said Salinas.

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The Moorpark Reporter

Fernando Albert Salinas

August 22, 2018

Poetry Reading Fundraiser for Ventura County Arts Council

A poetry reading event to raise money for the Ventura County Arts Council was held August 17, 2018 in the Fillmore office of Diamond Realty. Approximately 15 poets read original poetry, several about the theme of the event “Scuffed Diamonds.”

The event was sponsored by Diamond Realty and hosted by Fernando Albert Salinas, Ventura County Arts Council Board Member and professor at Brooks College. Fillmore Middle School art teacher Doris Nichols painted while poetry was in motion.


Fillmore Gazette



January 31, 2017

Senior wins inaugural poetry competition

Competitors take picture with poet and coach Fernando Albert Salinas after the competition was complete. Senior Jacob Tennent was announced as winner and Senior Camille Polk as runner-up in the competition (Meghana Mudunuri/Talon).

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Oak Park Talon

Fernando Albert Salinas

December 03, 2013

Poesia Para La Gente Fundraiser: One Dollar, One Poem

Delight, puro delight, that’s how gente responded when they accepted the invitation to spend a dollar for their own poem. One woman, a German tourist, burst into tears when she received her poem. A pair of girls noticed the sign announcing the event as a fundraiser for Para Los Niños and yelled excitedly, "that's our school!"

Fernando Albert Salinas

Poesia Para La Gente


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